At our very core, this is what Chubb is about:

  • We are an underwriting company
  • We manage risk in a disciplined way
  • We won’t trade underwriting discipline for market share
  • We are data driven in our decision making
  • We take a disciplined approach to our business
  • We embrace risk when we understand it and can earn an acceptable return
  • We protect our balance sheet and build financial strength
  • We have global reach and product breadth and yet we behave like a small company
  • We are mindful of our responsibility to deliver value to our shareholders, customers, employees and communities
  • We cultivate strong and deep relationships
  • We are committed to superior service which is integral to our brand
  • We view insurance as a noble business
  • We are optimistic about our future

Because we demand excellence of ourselves and bring pride and passion to our work, our customers and business partners benefit. You will see it in our famous “can-do” attitude: The speed and energy we bring to every task… our relentless pursuit of the best solutions in every situation… our attention to detail. What others see as obstacles we see as creative opportunities. It all adds up to superior execution which is what we prize.